Rock Climbing Clip Art

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Rock Climbing Clip Art
Rock Climbing Clip Art

I’m looking for a boyfriend…?

He must have these qualities..

Be an excellent baking, specializing in pastry art.
Good at skiing, must ski black diamond course.
Must be a devoted Christian.
Knows how to rock climb, and knows when to use his clips..
Must know exact volume of an oven and how many people can fit inside.
He must be over 17 so we can go on unsupervised dates together.

Where do you think I could find such an amazing guy?

Thank you for your time.
Jojo- Oh but he does…. HAHA
Baking Master- Don’t flatter yourself! Multiple personalities wasn’t in my list of qualities.
Lol calm down! It’s just a joke lol..
Wow Jacob, we’ve got so much in common, except I don’t have a dead rodent on my chin!!

This is a joke..
Dune- Does he know how many people can fit inside an oven though?

No way! Can’t I get in there first? You’ve just described my absolute dreamboat! You’ll have to learn to share him around, Wabby…

The Art of Rock Climbing: Ralph and I on Arrow (5.8) Gunx NY . . .Yeeeah Boy!

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